Great Lakes Grains is Your Preferred Supplier of Quality and Sustainable Grains. We Offer Both Organic and Non-GMO Grains.
*All of the below are available in Certified Organic and many selections are available in NON-GMO.
Special Requests

Great Lakes Grains also handles special requests, including specialty grains and levels of certification.

Please click HERE to contact us with your request. Customer satisfaction is our top priority, and our wide network of farmers gives us unique resources to fulfill even the most specific of standards.

We have a wide network of farmers throughout the United States. Contact Us Today to Get Started.


The safety of our workers, customers, and farmers is extremely important to us. Great Lakes Grains has taken great precautions during this time to keep all of its shipments sealed and secure.

Every attempt made to preserve the integrity of the ingredients, and the safety of its workers.

We are working together with both our growers and customers to keep our commitments, make your safety a priority, and weather this pandemic together.