Less Risk, More Opportunity and A Company that Supports its Growers. That’s Great Lakes Grains.

The people of Great Lakes Grains have worked in the
agribusiness industry for over 50 years. We’ve experienced firsthand the challenges, accomplishments and frustration that are part of growing and running a family farm. When we built this company, we designed it with empowering American farmers in mind.

Our Commitment to Our Growers:
  • Risk Management Tools– We are developing the next generation of risk management tools, designed specifically for organic growers.
  • Organic Flex Contract– Our organic Flex contracts allow growers to manage price exposure more dynamically than a traditional contract. You can lock in guaranteed floor price with opportunity to sell at higher levels if the market rises.
  • Less Risk– Our flex contract offers a guaranteed floor price, you know you have a buyer, and enough clarity to plan around.
  • More Economic Opportunities– As we continue to grow our customer base, our need for more sustainable grains increases, which we look to source from within our current growers first. Demand for certified organic, Non-GMO and other specialty crops has been increasing steadily, and we help growers access these markets more efficiently, so you can make a healthy profit over the long run.
  • We Treat Your Family as if it Were Our Own– We understand the risks and difficulties required in organic sustainable farming, particularly when your family is involved. We treat our farmers with integrity and respect, and work with you to build your business for future generations.
  • More Efficient and Farmer Friendly Systems– Our risk management tools and tracking software is easy to use, even if you’re not good with technology. We use technology to make tracking and documentation more farmer friendly and less work for you.
  • Honest Sustainability– We believe in telling the real story of how and where our products are grown, doing the right thing and being good stewards of the environment. We are organically certified and support certification in the National Organic Program with our growers.

We treat our farmers like family. We use technology to do things faster, smarter, and with a smaller environmental impact. We’re built to succeed, with the capital resources and experience to reach our goals. We are doing things differently, and we look forward to building a relationship with you.

Looking for an Honest and Eco-Friendly Grain Supplier?