Sustainable Food Ingredients

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Sealed Transport

Great Grains = Great Ingredients = Great Life

Great Lakes Grains has one goal: to provide premium sustainable food ingredients, securely and reliably transported from grower to customer.  Our farmers use regenerative agricultural practices to protect the land. We focus on integrity-driven relationships and strive to create clean and safe food ingredients, both for now and for generations to come.

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We offer less risk and more opportunities with our contracts.



We offer premium sustainable grains and supply chain integrity.


About Us

See how we’ve made such a large impact in such a short time.

Doing things Differently

We treat our farmers like family. We use technology to do things faster, smarter, and with a smaller environmental impact. And we’re built to succeed, with the capital resources and experience to reach our goals.

Looking for an Honest and Eco-Friendly Grain Supplier?

How We Are Different

We provide a sustainable supply chain that is profitable for companies and farmers.

Innovative Contracts

We are developing the next generation of risk management tools, designed specifically for growers.
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Specialty Grains

We buy certified organic, as well as non-GMO and other premium grains. Contact us anytime for current bids.
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Secure, Traceable Transportation

Our products are transported securely in sealed containers, in accordance with the highest quality controls in the industry.
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