Why Customers Choose Great Lakes Grains:
Our Commitment to Our Customers:

Our food safety process actually starts well before the planting season, because we only work with growers who meet our rigorous standards. After we purchase premium grains, we take responsibility for the integrity of the supply chain, including FSMA compliance and complete source traceability, until it arrives at its final location. We only use clean, new loading equipment and specially sealed rail cars, trucks, and shipping containers for the highest level of security.

Embracing sustainable agricultural practices can completely change the economics of a farm operation. Demand for certified organic, non-GMO, or other specialty crops has been steadily increasing for years, resulting in large price premiums. We help growers access these markets efficiently, so they can turn a healthy profit over the long run.

We only sell grain sourced from U.S.A. growers with the highest integrity. Our products are transported securely in sealed trucks, rail cars, and shipping containers in accordance with the highest quality control standards in the food ingredients industry.

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