Like Minds. Like Vision.

Like minds and like vision are two things that Great Lakes Grain & Transportation and Galena Genetics share. To further the shared vision of these two independently owned companies, we have formed an alliance whereby Great Lakes Grain & Transportation customers and Galena Genetics customers have access to the strengths of both companies: specialty markets and soybean genetics tailored to organic and non-GMO soybean producers.

In a world that is demanding more and more transparency, verifiability, and eco-friendly practices from producers and suppliers, Great Lakes Grain & Transportation and Galena Genetics will step forward as leaders in delivering non-GMO and organic soybeans to the marketplace. This newly birthed alliance will bring the producers one step closer to the consumer with the utmost in integrity and harmony with nature.

SIMS by Galena

Lower Cost per Acre. High Yield. Highest Purity.

What does that mean for you as a grower of organic or conventional non-GMO soybeans?

Eliminate extra transportation expense while maintaining the highest purity in the marketplace.

By planting and enrolling in the SIMS program, you the producer can replant your Galena Genetics soybean varieties after planting the initial parent stock. You will be required to pay a minimal royalty on a per cleaned unit basis which includes on-site seed cleaning, testing, and purity analysis.

Opportunity will come in several ways by enrolling in the SIMS™ program. Galena SIMs Soybean seeds offer:

Consistently High Yield ∙ $25-$40 per Acre Savings ∙ High Disease Tolerance ∙ Superior Agronomics

Planting Galena Genetics varieties will save you dollars per acre while not sacrificing yield. Galena Genetics varieties are elite non-GMO soybean lines, bred and developed in our own research and development program exclusively for organic and conventional non-GMO growers. Galena Genetics varieties provide superior agronomic traits, disease tolerance, over-all performance and high yield encapsulated in every seed.

Finally, SIMS by Galena participants have excellent new marketing opportunities through Great Lakes Grain & Transportation LLC 2023 production contracts, thanks to a unique cooperative effort between GLG&T and Galena Genetics.